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05-05-2010, 08:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Amanda71 View Post
Hi guys, I'm from West Tennessee and asking for your prayers here as well. As much coverage as you guys are getting, we're receiving even less.

Part of my house got flooded (luckily, no serious damage... we're gonna have to replace the carpet for sure though). Luckily, we live part of the way on a hill, so we weren't as heavily affected as others in our community. However, the people of Jackson, Tennessee are in a bad way. My dad works in Jackson and says that there is Katrina-level devastation in some parts. He's had to take new routes to get to and from the warehouse he works because a lot of the backroads are flooded. There's a chance that I may have a hard time getting home when I come home for college on Saturday because of flooding of the backroads to my house. People who live in a rural community like me and my family are completely abandoned at the moment. Our creeks and small rivers are overflowing and causing a lot of people for people who live near them.

Unfortunately, our place on the Tennessee River is completely destroyed. We had a small summer house up there. It was on 14 foot stilts and is completely underwater at the moment. It sucks because we had a lot of personal items up there; however, luckily it wasn't our permanent residence. However, there are a lot of people who live there who use those houses as a permanent residence. Those people have been forced out or are currently stuck in their homes. I hope that you'll keep your prayers aimed towards the people who live on the river. Although everyone in that community does have floor insurance, it still can't compensate for the memories lost.

Definitely sending my thoughts and prayers to Middle Tennesseans as well. It has floored me how little coverage this has gotten. People simply don't know it's that bad; some people have actually accused me of exaggerating until I showed them pictures of the flood damage.
Thanks for sharing your story and at the very least you still have your family and you're all OK. Best of luck to everyone that is affected by this and while the media may not be paying much attention to it I certainly am and in fact several of my expat and even Taiwanese friends here have asked me about it, so you're in the hearts and prayers of many over here.

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