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05-05-2010, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Groper View Post
How about just Doug Reisborough (sp?)

starting with the thelen pick, roman volo, fiala, letting FA's walk for nothing when you KNOW the aren't resigning, two different drafts where you dump a 2nd and 3rd rounders to move up a few spots, not extending backstrom at the start of the season for 3ish mil, but waiting until he has an all star year so you pay him 6 mil, (this one pisses me off a TON) not trading Gabby before season started, waiting until he gets hurt, not taking anything for him at deadline, then AFTER the season is over say "it didn't look like we were going to get anything done in September". I swear to god if I ever see DR I'll tell him he sucks mega dong. Oh and the whole "manage expectations" thing. Just because we won our division one year, you shouldn't expect to even come close to the playoffs the next.

Plus f'in over our minor club, we have nothing to look forward too. Imagine having the blues ahl club right now. Then have the balls to think about firing JL because the team wasn't winning. Maybe it wasn't JL, he can't win with the trash you give him all the time.
All those picks rely soley on Tommy Thompson than anything.....

If I wanted any teams AHL club, it would be Washington's at this point. 2nd year in a row in the Calder Finals, and they won it last year. However, my point still stands from a previous post that no one in Minnesota GAF about how Houston does. They honestly need to relocate that team to Wisconsin or even Duluth or something! Get it close to the organization so we can actually watch them play....

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