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05-05-2010, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by usahockey22flyers View Post
I love how people are already throwing JVR under the bus and saying that he wont be succesful as Kane.. How can you already compare them? Kane has played 3 years in the nhl, JVR one.. and if you wanna compare there rookie seasons, Kane's was better but JVR didnt/dosent get the ice time Kane had... Why dosent anyone realize that JVR may have started slow..How about Flyers compare JVR to someone we all know. For example.. Lets glance at Carter's rookie year...200506 81games 23goals 19assists 42points.. he was what, 21.. pretty identical numbers to James.. How's Carts doin now?
Not as good as Patrick Kane.......

Kane is a legit superstar IMO, it's a moot point because it's not like we passed on Kane. We lost the lottery, big deal. JVR is still going to be a very good player for us, and maybe in a few years he can have the same effect on a game that Kane does. Bigger players take longer to develop and that gets beaten to death. This year hes shown flashes, hopefully next year he can begin to find some consistency and then after that he should be a very good player for us.

As for tonight's game I really wouldn't change much. It's tough for them to sustain pressure because they are spread so thin at forward. Not to mention the fact that they lose 3/4 faceoffs. If we are going to come back in this series Boosh needs to start making tough saves again. That shot from Satan can't beat him 5 hole.

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