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05-05-2010, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by donGjohnson View Post
I almost always agree with you and kind of do here. The true answer is whatever feels more comfortable stick handling is right for you. I've been a mixed right hander and always shot LH, passing is always something I've been strong at. My stick handling is just okay, ditto for my shooting, but I score more goals than assists.
This. Which ever feels the most comfortable. Like some have said, having your dominant hand on bottom might allow you to load the stick more, giving you a harder shot. I really envy those who have their dominant hand on bottom and are able to feel comfortable stickhandling. I believe this doesn't matter that much, when you have the right technique. Afterall, a hand is a hand. If im able to load the stick with my left hand, im pretty sure it wont load any more if i load it with my right hand.

People should just go with what feels comfortable and not listen anyone else. Theres alot of other things in hockey too, that you cannot copy. You have to develop your own technique and style.

Im personally right handed and i have shot lefty from a toddler.

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