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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
Well ... you need practice. You are not going to be able to shoot a very hard slapshot overnight to begin with so be patient and practice.

The basics to help you out ...

1. Don't use so much of the toe (the tip end) of the blade. try to have the puck somewhere in htemiddle of your two footed stance in front of you. It isn;t an exact science and that differs from person to person slightly but basically always in about the same place.

2. Don't listen to people in here telling you to hit before the puck to flex your shaft for more power. That is what you should do but not in the stage you are currently in with your shooting skills.

3. Try to drop down lower and put more strength and energy into the shots. You look like you are almost bored and just lightly going through the motions.
I agree with most of this, power comes from arms, legs, shoulders,core and stick. So take a shot, then ask yourself "Am I using my shoulders enough?" take another shot and ask if you are getting enough power from your legs (push off with your back leg to help transfer energy) Do this for each power source to ensure you are getting power from each source.

Number two is the only one I would have to disagree with. You are still going to want to hit the ground an inch or two behind the puck, this is the only way you will load the stick, which is half of what the slapshot is all about. I started hitting the ground a few inches behind, now I hit it about 10 inches behind because if I don't the stick will not be fully loaded.

Number one piece of advice, keep on shooting!

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