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05-05-2010, 04:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Ducksgo View Post
What I find frustrating about the whole thing is that the new adult players have no idea on how to be a good wing, defenseman, center, or goaltender. I mean it's easy for a lot of you cause you have played all your life, but we have to learn bit by bit by either watching hockey on T.V or getting yelled at by more experience players on your team.
Well growing up I mostly played soccer, but it translates well enough in terms of general principles.

Being effective positionally basically comes down to common sense and effort. In a very basic but adequate way, simply supporting the carrier or getting open when your team has possession, checking an open man when you don't, and not not being redundant in both these things (like 2 players covering the same guy) will be enough not to get yelled at from me.

Sure, there are plenty of nuances you can learn to make you more effective but I won't blame anybody for doing only the above.

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