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05-05-2010, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by donGjohnson View Post
Funnily enough, I have noticed the opposite, sort of. People with dominant hand on the bottom might shoot better on wrist and snap shots, since those benefit more from wrist snap, while the slap shot has to do with total body strength.
Well, look at the fact. 89% of all Canadiens, shoot left. They were taught to place the dominant hand on top. Where as in the USA, 72% shoot right.

Last week I jumped on the ice to help a class and I saw 90% of the new adult players on the ice with right handed sticks. So I asked them why they felt that the right hand stick was for them? They all said that the young pro-shop guy shoots right and he said that was the way to go.

Why is it that more Canadiens shoot left? If you take a poll on how many people actually write with their right hand compaired to their left hand, you will see that that there is a 80 to 20 ratio.

So does this mean that Canadiens are doing it wrong for all of these years? Or, could it be that they actually know something that we don't teach our kids or adults?

The...I went into the pro-shop deal doesn't work for me. Could it be that the majority of the right handed players here in the USA did the same thing? Go into a proshop and ask the 16 years old worker what feels good?

Again, I take it back to the Canadiens. Do you think they go into the proshop and ask what stick feels good?

When I asked the adults in this beginner class, what the pro-shop kid said, they tell me that the 16 year old ask which way which way do they bat a ball. So, they bought a right handed stick on that recommendation.

I wonder how many other parents buy stick for their kids because they think that if their child hold the bat like that, then he needs a right stick? Again, I take it back to the Canadiens. They must be doing it wrong. Maybe we should send a truck load of 16 years old up there to set them straight. Hum...89% shoot left. It just boggels the mind.

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