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05-06-2010, 01:10 AM
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Well damn man I had a hard time getting these two videos done.

The first things to keep in mind before watching these are that I had to choke up on my handle end because I use a long stick to begin with. I shortened it to what I think it comes to with skates on.

I absolutely did NOT like the particle board plank I am shooting off and it actually got black rings from the edges of the pucks catching it while being launched and making misfires. That being said I managed some decent shots and edited out most of the misfires.

I do not like shooting at a standstill as I am not really used to doing that, I am pretty certain most people shoot harder shooting in stride. To help out I wore baseball cleats in the videos.

Video two has me shooting 3 over the net which was pretty funny because one hit a tree about 200 feet away in the neighbors yard, thankfully he wasn't mowing his lawn or something.

Just about 3/4 into video two I tore a good piece of skin off my pointer finger on my lower hand which did not help things at all. I went in the house and taped it up and tried to shoot more video but it wasn't cooperating and in the process tore skin off my palm as well and called it a day.

The first two videos I shot that I did not use here were of me using an aluminum shaft with a wood blade also a cheap CCM woodie with an ABS blade and the shots were not very impressive so I canned the video and it made me appreciate a good composite even more than before.

The final factor in limiting the amount of video besides the loss of flesh lol is that I did not like seeing how much wear I was getting after just a few slapshots on the blade bottoms of my sticks I use in games.

The bottom line I am going to get a better shooting pad that I can lube up or wax or something that will not kill my blades.

But anyway here are my two videos, one from behind and one off to the side from behind. I wanted to get video straight on as well as front on but the skin peeling cut my day short. After that crap heals I will make a couple more videos and submit them but for now here are my two.

I am using a Harrow 300 series 100 flex shaft with a Harrow #5 which is the Iginla equivalent but has the wrong lie for me, it is a 5 and I use a 5.5 to a 6. I made it work anyway with an adjustment in shooting as to not toe the shots.

Also in the first video the hanging bottle are 2 liter bottles that filled up with rain water and make a nice thud and splash when you hit them.

In the second video I am using my second Harrow 300 series 100 flex shaft with a Harrow #7 Getzlaf pattern which is a 5.5 lie.

Make note that the shooting pad on a couple of these grabbed the puck and took some oomph off the shot, maybe on 2 shots. This was extremely irritating to be honest, I have to get a better shooting pad and saw a couple in this thread I really liked and will try to get soon.

Anyhewdles ....

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