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Originally Posted by beavboyz View Post
Did you need bottles filled with water just in case the pucks caught fire?

Nice shots

Your video reminded me of something that I don't think has been mentioned yet. Your quick transition from backswing to downswing.

This is another way to get power (just a bit more) If you extend the muscles and then quickly contract them they will contract faster, and add more power to the shot (similar to pulling an elastic band quickly, then letting go) If your muscles are not trained to do this though it increases chances of injury.

Thanks for getting those up here, now we just need to get you a radar gun so we can compete

Every day I go out and shoot I am hitting new top speeds! and adding more blisters to my hands, even with gloves on (and tape to cover up the existing blisters)
I am looking forward to the second series of videos from people after they work on their shooting. I am going to do that too because I saw a couple of things I didn't like in mine mainly with the shooting pad but a couple of my shots I was off balance a bit from trying to kill the puck. I need to relax and have more time in between shots I think.

The bottles are tied up with shoelace and hang from the twine. The bottle caps break in the freezing cold from being hit and consequently the bottles fill up with rain water ... except for the two my brother shot with a pellet rifle last summer.

My older brother is 10 years older than me and when we used to go out to the rinks he would hang the bottles for targets and he kept preaching for me to look where I was shooting and I attribute that to why I do not miss the net very much.

I had never heard about the muscle thing you speak of, interesting. I think I get what you are talking about, I do not think I should do that though with my bicep at only 75% from that stupid partial tendon tear last summer. My lower hand bicep is smaller than the right one since it tore away a bit, the forearm got bigger though from taking up the slack.

Injuries suck, I really feel like I shot a lot harder 10 years ago ... now at 42 (in July) I do not feel that same zip. I feel some zip I mean but it feels differently than it used to. My legs are not what they used to be either and recovery time is longer as well.

Getting old is getting old ... my playoff beard is mostly gray though which pisses me off.

I would love to take up your radar gun advice and go back 10 years with it. The only thing I saw years ago was the Bobby Hull Power Puck which was a spring loaded needle dial that torqued whatever your shot was and supposedly worked well and was accurate. I never used one though.

I do know I do not break plexi-glas like I used to, now maybe one a year instead of 5 to 7 of them a year a few years ago. maybe I am hitting the net more now ha!

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