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Originally Posted by Jocksta18 View Post
The guy has already put up the points so the skill is there. What I want to see is passion/hustle every game. His first few games he seemed to care and then absolutely nothing. He was weak in front of the net, flat-footed, didn't make good first passes and barely got his shot off. I just want to see him playing like he wants to be in the NHL...if he plays lazy, I'll be pissed.

I've stated something similar too this in several other threads but I'll say it again:

I demand that the players play with passion & hustle & heart game in & game out & that's a huge problem with this team. I can handle losing, I can handle mistakes but when it looks like a player flat out doesn't care or care enough, that's what gets me.. I know this sounds a little ridiculus to say but I can handle going 0 - 82 in a season if I know that every guy out there was working their ***** off & giving their all more then I can handle a mediocre, play-off missing season where a chunk of the players seem disinterested half the time...

As fans we give a lot of time, money & energy to support these guys & when they play lack-luster hockey is when I get pissed...

So like the post I qouted states, I expect him to give his all game in & game out... If he does that, the goals, the assists, & the stellar defense will come with it..

Keep in mind though he had an ankle injury so bad he needed surgery to repair it. It's entirely possible he was so slow and behind the play due to injury and not laziness...which is why he could potentially bounce back next year.
Definitly noted.. I just expect passion out of all our players in general, but I know what it's like to play injured and sometimes it just ruins your game..

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