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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
Nope, actually I didn't say that. I said something to the tune that Boston is just getting that extra thing done to put the game in the win column, and don't deserve to be blown out of games really.
No, you said:

Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
They've been better pretty much across the board. I knew from the start that down the middle that they wouldn't be able to match up against the Bruins centers (Krejci getting hurt helps, but Sobotka ain't so bad). Pronger could be equalized by Zdneo Chara. But if this team was truly a real Stanley Cup contender, this series wouldn't be 3-0.
It's actually been a really friggin even series as far as play, outside of some stretches. But, hell, we absolutely dominated stretches of last nights game and still lost. The story of this series you've been stating is specifically NOT one of them getting that extra thing done, "they've been better pretty much across the board."

Well, as said, I then need someone to explain to me why Games 1 & 2 were so close, and we controlled play for large stretches of Game 3.

About that, yeah. I thought we're supposed to drink the kool aid, since they know better than us...?
I don't even know how to formulate a response to that.

Yeah...about that. I mean all things considered.
All things considered... Sturm != Gagne.

Moreover, these two teams approach the game very differently...and Boston's approach is much more forgiving to lack of skill in their lineup. They rely on their goalie, and just need everyone on the same page systemically. We, on the other hand, really rely on the skill of our forwards to play an up tempo game. So you start taking away those skill guys and it shows real fast.

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