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03-03-2005, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Fine, you say that they are not selling becuase they love being owners so much. Ok. I can buy that. But then stop griping about losses and not being able to operate.
What??? If their businesses are losing money they don't have the right to say that and to try to correct it???? They must either sell or shut up? Please. We both know you're not saying this seriously.

Originally Posted by True Blue
I write my post from the point of view that if you are the owner of a buisiness, no matter how much you may like the business, when you are getting into the amount of losses that are being reported, how can you not sell? .... I do not know of one buisness owner who would not simply dump the dog for a nice profit and then use the windfall to start another business. Don't get me wrong, Dedalus. I understand what you are saying. I just cannot imagine a scenario where a business (even a close-nit family operated one) is being run into the ground and the owner refuses to sell and create a very nice profit.
I doubt you know many business owners who can afford to sustain staggering losses while keeping the business they love. I've a hunch that most (or more probably all) of the business owners you know rely on their one business for their livelihood. This is not the case for NHL owners (just as it's not the case for the restauranteur of my analogy). They can afford to keep their losing business, and so their motive for not selling need not be that they are liars who are misrepresenting their losses. (And yes, they do indeed have the right to complain and try to turn it into a profitable business.)

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