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05-06-2010, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Splitbtw View Post
I've noticed as I've gotten better at skating, my right boot occasionally makes contact with the ice as I'm on my outside edge on a sharp turn. It hasn't been an issue, but will it be (losing an edge)? Should I tighten my skates? Not lean in so hard? Sharpen again? (just did 4-6 hours of skating time ago to 1/2" but find I like a slightly duller blade).

I can understand it being a non-issue as I can feel it when it happens and lift a bit. I've only been skating ice for a month and a half so I'm still trying to pick all of this up.

(note: acceleration is awesome, stopping without any thought is almost there and front/back transition flows with ease, backwards is satisfactory but could use work.)
Don't you lose an edge before your boot hits? It seems like you would but maybe not. Is the holder on that skate mismounted maybe?

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