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05-06-2010, 11:37 PM
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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
without taking anything at all away from the effort and creativity that went into making these, to me a "payback" theme would be for next years playoffs. I think of "paybacK" as a season theme as something that would follow a very down regular season (ie it would have been appropriate for this past regular season, or would be great for say the Stars or the Ducks for next year...

if the rumors that the 3rds will become the new home jerseys, i wonder if a "Men in Black(and Blue)" theme would work. Each player would then either be an agent or an alien.

Weber is "Agent S", Tootoo is a SkullThumpian, Arnott the Mushmelonian, Sully from Smurfspedia... you get the idea

just my $0.02 US.
Great idea!

And WFM that's great work but agreed it might be difficult to find pictures of everyone in the thirds.

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