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05-07-2010, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
I'm all for giving Reese some credit as a solid goalie coach (far better than we are used to), but the praise he is getting is a bit absurd. Do you really think that Marty Biron, a long time veteran starting goaltender is going to change his playing style and get any better because of a coach at his age? It's one thing for Michael Leighton, a younger journeyman to make changes in playing style, because if he doesn't he's out of the league.
Originally Posted by Jester View Post
We're talking minor tweaks here, not massive changes.

That being said, the real reason we need to maybe not give Reese that much credit is:

1) Our goaltending wasn't that bad the last couple of years guys... somehow this meme has developed that we were getting crappy goaltending/coaching at the position, it's just not true. Biron and Nitty were quite good the last couple of years.

2) Reese was the goalie coach for TB, where they were getting the WORST goaltending in the league under him after Khabi left. Why couldn't he get even average out of the Bolts if he's such a goalie coach genius?
Lots of truth in both of these posts.

I do think Biron would be willing to make changes. Biron's a smart and a pretty affable guy; if Reese wanted him to make some changes right now I'm sure he would give it a shot because he's not exactly a hot commodity any more, either.

You're both bang on about Reese, though...the man has been good, and better than Lemelin by virtue of the fact that he's actually around constantly, but it's not like he's a miracle worker. Leighton got hot behind a very stingy defense, and Boosh has played like he always has - capable of stellar play and horrible duds alike. Bringing Biron back and letting Reese work with him won't magically turn him into Patrick Roy in his prime. It may help him a little, but it wouldn't be night and day (not that it would need to be...Marty Biron was a perfectly good starter for us, even though Philly will never appreciate him for it).

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