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Originally Posted by DIEHARD the King fan View Post
Buffalo's scouts obviously did. So the response to your post is really: Yes and No. Tuebert was projected as the mean streak Defensive defenseman by the scouting agencies pre-draft. I think no one in the KINGS organization could honestly tell (sell) you on Tuebert ever being anything other than a 5-6 d-man

Myers was projected as a more offensive minded project but with a considerably higher upside.
He was rated as a better skater, and more offensive minded, but DL wanted Tuebert's edge. I dont think you necessarily use first round draft choices to fill your #5-6 defenseman roles.

This draft pick, IMHO, is a function of DL's planning system of filling in boxes to project a team into the future filled with homegrown talent . That Myers had a higher upside, IIRC, was a given (i.e., known) to all the scouting reports before the '08 draft.

Only his development occurred AFTER. But what is scouting and drafting? Its projecting, into the future, what a player is capable of based upon their size, skillset and physcial abilities. Myers, pre-'08 draft, had the best of all three of those characteristics over Tuebert. Plus, he provided some offense. What he didnt possess was Tuebert's mean streak. Hence DL's comment (paraphrased), you can't paint stripes on a *****cat and call it a tiger.

DL drafted Tuebert for a very particular trait, and whether Tuebert has the OTHER REQUIREMENTS to make it to the NHL remains to be seen (and it is still "early"), but MYERS was the surer bet, and we passed him over for a mean streak. I gave the scouting a very good grade, but the jury is still out on this pick, while in the courtroom next door (Buffalo) they already hit big.

I 100% agree.
Our scouting staff screwed the pooch here.

But they have done enough other good things so I am not going to dwell on it.

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