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05-07-2010, 11:17 AM
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I agree a pure beginner should probably learn with a wood stick because the additional weight will build some strength and the stick has better feel for the puck. But he/she will probably not shoot worth a damn until they take some shooting lessons and/or shoot hundreds of pucks in practice. At that point, he/she will benefit from a QUALITY composite stick.

Cheap composites have no performance advantage over wood. They are often just as heavy, have tremendously awful puck feel, and usually have terrible kick and often torque to reduce accuracy.

If you're going to buy a composite, buy something decent. Anything under $100 is not worth it unless it's a high end stick on sale.

And a beginner is not going to break a stick shooting unless they're immensely strong and have really, really terrible technique.

Also, to tag onto the "really tall people can't find wood sticks" bit, any short players (under 5'8) will REALLY, REALLY benefit from an intermediate composite, and this includes most women since they are shorter. I haven't found a single intermediate wood stick that wasn't either impossible to flex when cut down or didn't have a flimsy blade that goes sideways when shooting slappers.

Considering most companies are getting out of the wood stick business, the anti-composite folks might as well give it up.

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