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03-03-2005, 08:03 PM
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Originally Posted by NYFAN
If your business is hemmoraging money like they portray, you sell and move on.
No you don't. You keep a business you love for as long as you possibly can and try to fix it. You sell a business you enjoy only as a last resort, and when NHL owners have reached this point in the past, they've done exactly that.

Originally Posted by NYFAN
You can still view games from that special expensive box seat!
In which case you're a fan in an expensive seat. Please don't even try to compare the two. The fan in "that special expensive box seat" gets no say in how to run the show, including taking a hand in deciding what players he'd like to see in his uniform.

Originally Posted by NYFAN
Plus, if ownership took this deal, everyone walks away with a cool 100 mil! They could buy an AHL franchise for alot less, and make some money if they market properly, and hockey is really their "hobbie"
No, NHL hockey might be their hobby but not merely "hockey." None of these guys has any interest in owning the Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies. That's "hockey" too, and under your statement, the Dolans would be just as content owning an ECHL team as an NHL team because it's only a hobby for them. We both know that this idea is nonsense.

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