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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... It's pretty unfair and an over-simplification to judge a player on his first-ever experience in the playoffs. You could make an argument that Calgary wouldn't have made the playoffs that season if it weren't for Cammalleri's performance, so it's more fair to say they needed him all season.

To make an example, I'm not the biggest backer of Jonathan Quick's, but just because his first playoffs was a rough experience doesn't mean he won't be able to look toward better times. In fact, he will almost certainly improve, given his youth and given that his playing time is normally regulated.

The fact of the matter is that a few guys are clearly carrying Montreal in these playoffs, and after Halak, no one is doing more on that team than Cammalleri is. That's the sign of a gamer, whether you want to give him credit for that or not.
Okay, so where was he when the Kings needed him, post Christmas? Where was he when the Flames needed him, post Christmas (look up the numbers).

I have no problem with the guy, but let's be honest, the man is a dime a dozen player in the NHL, who if your going to pay someone 6 million per year, that money can sure as hell be better spent on far better YEAR AROUND performers, not to mention players that teammates actually like and get along with.

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