Thread: Speculation: Which Big Salaried Forward Goes?
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05-07-2010, 07:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Douggernaut View Post
2 straight Selke trophies would beg to differ at who's the better defensive forward.

And even if those matchups are true, I haven't watched enough Detroit games to know, the Zetterberg lining up against Pavelski in the first 2 games proves the same point. Except Pavelski's line was working Z's in the first 2 games, and didn't fair as well against Datsyuk.

He didn't really give up a lot. A very overpriced Cheechoo and an injury-prone Michalek, the cap hits nearly balanced out, so any other moves made that off season weren't Wilson giving up anything else to get him.

I don't think Heatley gets traded in any case, mostly because the rumors of him not having a NTC have never been substantiated. But given the choice between Marleau at a $5.5-6 cap hit and Heatley at a $7.5, I'd take Marleau every time.
1st 2 games were on san jose ice, oh who has last change the sharks. so the sharks were the ones setting the matchups.

and you just said it yourself, you don't watch enough wings games. and i don't care that datzyuk has won 2 selke's it really is an over rated award. just put it this way, thornton has finished top 10 in selke votes a few times in the past 5 years also. any one want to try and prove thornton is one of the best defensive players in the league?

zetterberg is used as the primary top forward shut down player on the wings. datzyuk is used sparingly with zetterberg, but is mainly on his own line facing the 2nd best lines of the other team. (not every team can boast a top 2 lines like the sharks do this stanley cup playoffs)

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