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05-07-2010, 08:53 PM
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Look guys, beginners should avoid anything other than wood sticks for several reasons. 1) Beginners don't know what flex/lie/curve they need and that WILL change as they improve. Most beginners skate upright and need a high lie but as they improve, they skate properly with more knee bend, the puck further in front and have to switch to a lower lie. A lot of hockey players don't realize this and have problems stick handling for a long time because they're using an improper lie.

2) The forgiveness of wood blades are still usually the best. I see many beginners who can't catch a pass to save their lives because they've just taken up hockey and are using a a really stiff composite blade. This also affects stick handling.

3) Players often improve their shooting technique and shooting muscle strength as they improve, so they often need a stiffer flex.

Simply put, for beginners, wood is often best.

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