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05-08-2010, 07:49 AM
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pretty good for only a couple of weeks. one thing I see is that top hand and arm are kinda close to your body. when you start your back swing try pushing that hand away from you. get that arm a little straighter. more of a pendulum (sp?) motion. its a little hard to see, from the camera angle, and how fast his hands move but in HF68's first video you can see how he gets seperation with his front hand from his waist. when you watch your shot your top hand is kinda stuck to your waist. that will help you get a little more leverage on the stick. keep working though you are doing a good job.also it will help you keep your stick on plane.

Also boys I jammed my wrist last week playing on a diving poke check as soon as I can hold a stick,I will get some video up so you *****es can make fun of me.

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