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03-04-2005, 08:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch
These guys have billions, for the most part. Losing a few mil isn't the worst thing for them, especially when they believe that the value of their franchise is going up, despite those losses. Heck, look at Karmanos; he knows Paul Allen wouldn't mind getting a hockey team and moving them to Portland. If the CBA doesn't work out the way he wants, maybe he flips the team there. I think the majority of owners want to work it out and take it from there. And again, you'd be surprised how much people spend on philanthropy. And imagine your philanthropic endeavors being that of owning a hockey club, and the value's holding steady/increasing? Not a bad gig.
If it were philanthropic, they wouldn't be so concerned with their losses. Also, if losing a few million isn't such a big deal, then why lock players out. Take the bad with the good and just fix the problem! In ALL of their other businesses, they have to compete to get ahead. At times that includes eating bad business decisions. This should be no different in my eyes. You offer a bad eat it and move on, hopefully remembering your lesson! This idea that the players are at fault is ridiculous. Yes they have screwed up royally SINCE the lockout was imposed, but it should never have been asked of them to fix something that was broken by ownerships BAD business decisions in the first place.I know I will get alot of flack for this, but ownership has acted like spoiled children, with no concern for anything but themselves, to the point of alienating and polarizing fans, who really just want to watch hockey when all is said and done. I could care less what the players make, they are either good players or bad. The fact that we know what they make actually taints the sport, for many, who concentrate on the $ signs instead of what these athletes accomplish in their sport.

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