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09-29-2003, 03:37 PM
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Originally Posted by txpd
there are some players who get a ton of ice time who score few, if any goals and not just on the 4th line? Who? First...what qualifies as a ton of ice time? Second, Peat is a forward and Henry plays mostly forward.
For the sake of this post I will take a tone of ice time to be something over 10:00 average per game and that we are talking about forwards. Jagr and Bondra have scored 50. Lang and Nylander have scored 20, Grier, Konowalchuk and Halpern have scored 20 or more. Semin is a rookie, but he did lead the russian lead in scoring in last years playoffs. Miller had 50 pts last season. Which of these guys that are getting a ton of ice time and scoring few if any goals are you talking about? Are you in some way trying to compare Peat to Witt? For Peat or Henry to be able to carry a regular shift on a NHL team they need to be able to Handle the puck at least enough to dump the puck in from center ice and be able to catch a pass and shoot it into an empty net. He needs to be able to play the system and be able to at minimum throw a fundimental body check. Both of those guys have not shown they can do that. Otherwise they would play more. The Capitals dressed them both twice last season. Every shift that they took accept one when the puck found its way into the Caps zone the goalie stopped the play or the puck was iced. With those 2 guys on the ice the Caps had no chance of getting out without shooting it out. That says a lot. I
there are guys that skate like the tazmanian devil, hit and make stir the pot and build energy. if Peat could do that, he would play 8-9:00 a game. At minimum that is what Sutherby did last year. That and winning face offs is all Whitfield can do in the NHL. That and kill penalties. Are you saying that Cassidy is blinded by Peat's fighting skills and doesn't realize that he could bring something to the penalty killing unit?
I never said I don't like these guys. I would keep Peat. I see no reason to keep them both. They both won't dress for the same game. So why not play one and let the other one stay fresh in the AHL?
I agree whole heartdly on your last statement, as losing both guys would be a shame, as if one get injured, which will happen, it will leave the Caps in a tough situation, as you really don't want Witt, Doig or Grier fighting. But, the system dictates you can't send these guys down without clearing waivers. I am sure either guy would get picked up, so the other alternative is to develop them into every day players, or try to.

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