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05-08-2010, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Semper Sens View Post
I got mine yesterday, I haven't hung them yet though. They feel pretty strong though and they look pretty cool I think. I'll put a review up on Monday.
Now that this thread has been pumped, I'll pop my review in:

I've shot upwards of 1000 pucks at the net so far, and I have not ripped a single strand. To hang the net, I bought some cheap aircraft cable from home depot, aluminum sleeves, cable clips, and a set of rings that are supposed to hold up a shower curtain, total cost maybe $14. There are two strands of green netting that run across one side of the net, which I am using to hold it up. Although I could use more, the two strands are holding up just fine.

I have fired pucks straight into the netting with no ill effects (I am only taking wrist shots though). I weighed down the bottom of the netting with a brick at either end, and this seems to be working fine. No pucks go through the net or under it, no matter what.

I take it down after practice, and it is a lot easier to store than I thought. I just pull it until it's in a straight line, and then wrap it up. It hasn't tangled yet and is pretty compact when folded up (maybe the size of a beach towel folded, although I am sure you could get it smaller). Only time I have had issues was when it came into contact with the frayed aircraft cable ends. I just wrap the cable ends in a handkerchief now.

I paid for 15' x 12', however the thing is at least 17 feet long at the ends. At the middle, it is probably much closer to 15' (in other words, it is not a perfect square, however the smallest length of the netting is what is given in the dimensions). I am not using the maximum height so I am not sure how tall it is exactly, however if you are going to buy one, make sure to buy one that is plenty tall so pucks can't get underneath. I am probably using it as an 8' tall net, so there is plenty of netting just sitting on the ground waiting to catch pucks.

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