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05-09-2010, 10:33 AM
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Originally Posted by ipushmycar View Post
I started off with a wood easton. Broke it.

Then a Bentley. Not bad, but was heavy and had no flex.

So I moved up to a Hitman. A good stick for the money, but still too stiff. I got used to the curve, and liked the curve, but wanted more flexed stick.

Then, after getting a job FINALLY after over a year of searching, I rewarded myself with a Warrior Dolomite DD. Not only do I love this stick, the little extra flex is all I needed to finally lift my shots/slap shots.

Now, I impulse bought an INT AK27. I had to cut down all the others 3 inches to fit my height, so i finally picked up this bad boy (on sale, and with a discount) with 70 flex. I have yet to use it, it also has a different curve. I'm thinking this stick will definitely help improve my stick handling/shooting.

Overall, I don't see the point in starting off low. I started out, never skating before, dropping $200 on my X30s. And it was worth it. The way I see it, start off strong. Why spend 50 bucks on a beginner stick, only to want a $100 dollar stick 2 weeks later?

I wish I did more stick research, as I now have 3 sticks with the same curve, and one intermediate with a different curve. In reality, the AK27 is going to be my new main stick. I don't need to cut it- it came perfect length. The flex seems good, but then again I haven't tried it. I may ask for another AK27 with a draper curve for my bday.

But at the end of the day, I love all my sticks. I love collecting them, and I love the Warrior company. I have them laying horizontal on clips on my wall, its a beautiful display. I use all my sticks as well. My bentley I use to toy around with outside, my Hitman I use during freeskate, and my dolomite i use when im on ice shot practicing.
This is exactly what the OP was talking about.

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