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05-09-2010, 09:48 AM
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The Coyotes moving to Winnipeg is a no brainer and should happen now. Winnipeg might be the best hockey city in the world per capita. Instant fan base, instant rivalries, etc. David Thompson (the potential new owner of the Winnipeg franchise) is one of the richest people in the world. His money comes from media (reuters, etc). I am almost positive that he could swing some type of media deal for the league. Having him as a potential owner is huge and is something that the league and existing owners should really get behind.

The same thing with having Balsillie as an owner. He is a very rich dude and is very business savy. We all know that another franchise in southern Ontario would be a license to print money. I am not quite sure on Quebec city. I know that they are great fans but I am not sure about an NHL franchise.

Betman needs to go. The NHL needs a fresh face. I also don't give a **** about "growing" the game. The game is perfectly fine as far as I'm concerned. It just needs to be sold in it's existing markets. Anyone with half a brain knows that you sell your product in markets where there is demand. Trying to establish the game in non traditional hockey markets with sketchy ownership takes too long to be forced and results in the problems we see today, growth has to happen naturally.

I am in favour of moving teams to Canada and/or Northern US cities. Florida, Tampa Bay, Phoenix and Atlanta really should be moved. The Islanders need to get out of the suburbs. Carolina seems to be doing well and Nashville I think will pull through.

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