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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
Thanks for the laugh man.

If the states had the equivalent amount of passion for hockey than you wouldn't have the opportunity to post such a ridiculous statement in this thread.

The truth is, and I hope you can handle this, that America really doesn't give a **** about hockey.

There are parts where it works enough, but there are parts where it doesn't work enough.

These teams need to be moved asap: Atlanta, Phoenix, Tampa, Florida and possibly NYI (everybody in NY cheers for the Rangers, Islanders a very far 2nd behind).

I'd also add the Devils since the only reason they are even surviving is because of success in the standings since the Brodeur era.
I agree, in some respects. America is a far larger and for less homogeneous society than Canada. I am positive that there are at least twenty million hockey fans in the States; roughly equal to Canada. The game is growing here, it has almost reached the law of diminishing returns in Canada.

Look, I want to see a couple of more Canadian teams; especially in Quebec as that was my first non civic arena NHL game and still my favorite hockey jerseys of all time. However, to discount how much the game has grown in the States just in the last 10 years, is foolish.

The amount of professional sporting competition here is also tremendous, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, Lacrosse, ultimate fighting, nascar..... hockey is on the upswing.

I just hate pompous hockey fans, especially nationalistic ones.

Luckily, at least in this series, there are far more mature, knowledgeable fans of the Montreal Canadiens than the kind that I quoted above.

Now if we can only get over the "refs love/hate us" routine, all will be well

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