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Originally Posted by Fitzy Duke of NY View Post
Age; 27
2nd favorite pro hockey team; Devils (sue me! )
Favorite All Time Ranger- Tie, Henrik Lundqvist and Petr Nedved
Non Ranger- Dominik Hasek
Most Hated Team; Thrashers
Most Hated Player; Todd Bertuzzi
2nd favorite sport and team- The New York Football Giants
Music Genre- Any that isnt the modern lil' Wayne crap the kids are listening to these days that passes off as music for some reason.
Band- Eric Clapton
Song; All
Food; Fettuccine Alfredo

I used to play for and am a diehard St. Lawrence University Division 1 hockey fan. Seeing us win a national championship takes preference over a Rangers Cup win, Giants SB win, or Michael Bay retiring
The Devils and Petr Nedved... I just threw up.

Age: 18 (I usually hate disclosing my age because of people's tendency to judge knowledge based off of age).
2nd favorite pro hockey team; Don't have one really.
Favorite All Time Ranger- Henrik, Adam Graves
Non Ranger- Depends on what you mean. I LOVED Jagr and Bure before they were Rangers. But guys who strictly were never Rangers, I guess Hasek.
Most Hated Team: Devils
Most Hated Player: Fatso
2nd favorite sport and team- New York Football Giants
Music Genre- I like all sorts but mostly Alternative
Band- Can't pick one. Streetlight Manifesto/Beatles/All-American Rejects
Song: Again, can't pick one. A few if my favorites are Sweetness (Jimmy Eat World), As the Footsteps Die Out Forever (Catch 22), The General (Dispatch), and Jumper (Third Eye Blind)
Food; I guess pizza. Maybe General Tsao's Chicken

I don't really know anything interesting to say. I'm going to American University in DC next year with a major in Journalism. I'm going to be the next Steve Zipay/Peter Gammons/Bill Simmons.

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