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05-09-2010, 11:06 AM
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I'm started using my Aluminum Gretzky shaft again! I love that thing Although I'm probably going to pick up an ~$80 Synergy shaft soon since the flex on my Gretzky is a bit much for me now.

For shafts at least, once you get into the ~$70+, they do the job and do it pretty well unless you play non-stop.

Originally Posted by greech View Post
Beginners do not have the strength or mechanics to necessitate a high end composite. The cheapest, wooden stick you can buy is all a new player needs.
True, most 'lower' end players don't load the stick before a shot [at least purposely]. But for pickup games, not like it really matters either way. I would rather my blade/stick last a little longer than get a massive flex on a slap shot while shooting around.

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