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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
I hated pompous baseball fans that use to trash talk the Expos ... but that's another story.

If there were 20 million hockey fans in the united states, which would be lets say equivalent or more than that of Canada, than why is that tv ratings for games in Canada are much larger than tv ratings for games in the united states?

You would think, they'd be pretty close to equal... But they're not, Nascar, bowling and horse racing draws bigger ratings in the states than hockey.

dude, why are you bringing on-ice success with the issue on hand?

It has nothing to do with it. You don't keep a team in a market because they've won cups.

In New York, it's all rangers. Islanders are a distant 2nd. As for the Devils, think about what kind of crowds they'll be getting if lets say the Devils miss the playoffs for a few years in a row. It would be about the same as Atlanta, Phoenix and every other non-hockey market

There is a reason why the Islanders do not have a rink and ultimately that comes down to doubt regarding the gate prospects. What's the excuse, that fans don't go to games because the rink is old and outdated? Come-on man, you know that it would be empty even with a new rink.
First, I hate baseball.

Second, "fan support" is not a deciding factor with the Islanders and most teams who need new arena. This has been covered ad nausea with dozens of threads on this site, if your interested in arena economics I suggest read them as there are more knowledgeable posters than I explaining in detail the situation presented by an out of date arena.

What do you define as a hockey market? I define it as any NHL city where an owner can spend above the cap minimum and produce a profit. The game will grow in those places, and has already grown.

I'm sure Canada will get at least another team, it is just good business, however do not disparage other markets. After all, the proud Canadiens almost folded and Montreal lost their maroons.

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