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Originally Posted by Ward Cornell View Post
I wouldn't be surprised that by trade-deadline after the GM gets to evaluate his team that a lot of the vets will be off-loaded for a bunch of picks and young prospects.
The Colts may be ok this year but the long range with very little in way of draft-picks could be deadly.
Trust me, going through a rebuild (like we did in Kitchener) can be almost as rewarding as watching a powerhouse like you guys have been.
Exactly my point, Barrie has 5 or 6 guys who can contribute, but for the most part they are in their last year, just like London it's in Barrie's best interests to sell those few assets for top dollar to the contenders of next year, and get the rebuild going so you're back in the playoffs for 2011-2012, everyone's gotta miss the playoffs sometime..

Even your top powerhouses (Kitchener in 2009, Windsor 2007, and London 2000)

Only 4 teams have been able to make the playoffs every year since the turn of the century.
Plymouth (Since: 1991 as Detroit Compuware Ambassadors)
Guelph (Since: 1992)
Ottawa (Since: 1995)
Barrie (Never- Since: 1996)

So yes, Barrie is the only organization to never miss the playoffs, but now is a better and most likely time than ever. They sold the farm for a title run, and they now have to rebuild as their few players that can be impactful are best used as trade assets rather than an attempt to finish 8th, then Barrie will be in desparate need, and will probably be embarassing in 11-12

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