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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
Ok, decided to nerd out and see if I could figure out the speed of the shot.

I'm using the 3rd shot since I know the distance.

The camera was 16 ft 2 inches, or 194 inches from where I hit the puck.

The camera shoots at 30 frames per second and it took 7 frames for the puck to go from the pad to hitting the camera. That is 0.23333 seconds.

194 inches in 0.23333 seconds = 47.2 mph

A few of the shots took 6 frames which would have put them at 55.1 mph, but most were right at the 7 frame mark.

I'm sure it's not as accurate as having a radar gun on it, but I'm sure I'm somewhere in that ballpark.
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