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Originally Posted by krazy kanuck View Post
People keep saying this, but they had a full complement of picks this year, and six picks in the first 5 rounds. The Colts have rebuilt before, and they may do so again this year. It's not what the club is saying at this point though in subscriber communications (for whatever they're worth). My bet is they see what they have until the deadline though, and decide to go one way or the other at that point.

I would assume if a good offer came up for one of their top players they would take it. Same happened in Sarnia, we had alot of solid picks last year, we still went into rebuild mode. I know it's not the same thing, but it is somewhat a relevent comparison because they did well in that draft.

As far as their picks they may have had 6 in the first 5 rounds, but look at their picks. Kerby Rychel who is 50/50 at best to report, and even if he does he's not going to be a top end player, his projection was a as a secondary offensive option that plays his heart out. their next 2 picks are are 2 late 3rd round picks. Late 3rd round picks usually don't make an impact as 16 year olds, unless they're home run picks, and those two are not home run picks.

This was a good draft for Barrie's future, but thats what my point was about, When i say they sold the farm, i meant they sold anyone they could in terms of players who will be good next year, or the year after for guys who would be better this year if they could swing the deal within the amount of cards they had. They did a good job of not losing a pile of picks, but a bunch of top 100 1994's isn't going to do much for them next year, especially since the only guy who would be a lock to make the team is 50/50 to report at best.

Maybe Barrie does make the playoffs, but this was based on looking at the other teams, and assessing Barrie's situation. It would make no sense for them to keep what they have, fight for 6th or 7th, hope to get real lucky and win a playoff round, then come back next year with absolutely nothing.

Sarnia made that mistake when they held onto Jamie Arniel, Matt Martin, Mark Katic, Dan Spence, and Justin DiBenedetto. The last thing i wanted was to see those 5 leave, but they should have, our GM was a moron, and we got destroyed by Plymouth in the first round, and got absolutely zero for all 5 of them and wound up having to play a bunch of 16 and 17 year old's on their top line.

Hopefully Barrie's GM (and London's for that matter) takes a lesson from Sarnia's 08-09 season and trade their assets for good 16, 17 year olds and picks, and start building their next contender.

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