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09-29-2003, 04:18 PM
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Actually he did have a problem with his coach, his coach was giveing all the time to vetrens and no time to his younger players. The coach of the WC team liked how he played and chose him to the Euro Tour team russia team, he averaged a point with that team on the third line so the same coach selected him to the Team Russia WC team.

On his talents that guy had shifty moves, a good wrist shot(not too accurate) and great speed. His downfalls were his hockey sence....thats it, he wasn't great without the puck and he wasn't a great playmaker, it seemed his play with and without the puck has improved with all this tourni play. I also read from Russian Prospects that he bulked up but it seems NA is set that he is 175.

Temmu Laine has 2 assists in 7 games for Jokerit on the third line. He has really turned into a great defensive player in Finland and if his hands ever cacthes up to his feet he would be very dangerous, many prospects have the same problem though.