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05-09-2010, 09:58 PM
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If the NHL is a business, and if I'm not wrong but in a business your goal is to make money. It only makes sense to put more teams in Canada, I've been saying this for years now. The 6 Canadian teams produce 60% of the leagues revinue, the 24 Americans contribute the other 40%.. Seems kind of one sided in my mind but whatever, I've also been saying the 6 Canadian teams should split and form their own league, Canadian teams only league hahaha.. Needless to say Mr.Bettman has to realize that he has done what he could in saving a few teams down south, Winnipeg and Quebec had there chances and they were moved. Phoenix and a few others (Atlanta,Tampa,Florida...) Are getting there chances now, if things don't change in a year or two, try and move them north (not sure how lease agreements would go there).. You know your getting an influx of cash because of the "new" teams, sweaters, hats, shirts etc....
for the first couple years, that should make Mr.Bettman look good for abit, I'd sooner fire him but that's neither here nor there. Also, I'm wondering if tv contracts can be reworked? Because if the only way to grow the game down south depends on going to the game (if you live close to a team of course), your not growing squat IMO! If I can't watch a game, how am I supposed to grow to love it? Same here in Canada, being in SW Ontario sucks! You think I enjoy deciding on a sat night Laughs, Sens or snooker? I have RDS now but if you only get basic service or whatever, how are you expected to follow your team? We (all of us) know about streaming, but how many others don't? How many don't have a computer? If more games were available (without spending outrageous $$$) more people may freely turn to it, but that's just what my melon thinks.

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