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09-29-2003, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by thome_26
lol. Nobody wants Comrie, says Lowe? 'fraid not. When Lowe was trying to move up in the draft everybody wanted to do something with either Hemsky or Comrie. Comrie has no where near the leverage you are trying to say he does. The Oilers have a surplus of forwards with out him. Also they have many players who should be healthy this year and have improved performances (Smyth, York, Dvorak). To say that Comrie has ALL the leverage is IGNORANT of the fact that the Oilers have great depth at forward (opposite to your claim of poor depth). The Oilers have excellent depth at forward, and that is why Comrie will probably sit for multiple weeks.
First of all I have not said Comrie has ALL the leverage. He doesn't. Its the Oiler fans who are arguing, incorrectly, that Comrie has NO leverage (mostly because of having no arbitration rights). Both parties of have leverage they can use in this negotiation. To say otherwise is foolish.

Second, the Oilers have great depth at forward? In what way? Just because you have six guys that can play that fourth line center role doesn't mean you have depth. Where is the proven depth up front in the guys that are going to be your go-to scorers? Ryan Smyth and.... ??? Mike York is the closet thing to being a proven quantity up front. Who else? Isbister... huge question mark. Dvorak... huge question mark. Hemsky... massive question mark. Let me guess, you're counting guys like Horcoff, Reasoner, Pisani, Moreau, Laraque, Rita and Torres as more depth? Sure, they can fill space on the roster and provide the same level of play as the next guy, but that is hardly the depth you need to be successful. You need depth on the top two lines, that pushes guys like York and Isbister to the third and fourth lines, to be successful. At that point you'll have depth. Until then you've got a lot of question marks that you hope end up contributing.

If you think the Oilers are just going to hum along without Comrie you're delusional. Then again, you did argue that the Oilers are not going to miss Carter, Marchant and Niinimaa, so anything is possible in your little world. I know pretty well any team in the NHL can lose four of its top six scorers and not skip a beat. Only in Edmonton.

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