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Originally Posted by Semper Sens View Post
Now that this thread has been pumped, I'll pop my review in:

I've shot upwards of 1000 pucks at the net so far, and I have not ripped a single strand. To hang the net, I bought some cheap aircraft cable from home depot, aluminum sleeves, cable clips, and a set of rings that are supposed to hold up a shower curtain, total cost maybe $14. There are two strands of green netting that run across one side of the net, which I am using to hold it up. Although I could use more, the two strands are holding up just fine.

I have fired pucks straight into the netting with no ill effects (I am only taking wrist shots though). I weighed down the bottom of the netting with a brick at either end, and this seems to be working fine. No pucks go through the net or under it, no matter what.

I take it down after practice, and it is a lot easier to store than I thought. I just pull it until it's in a straight line, and then wrap it up. It hasn't tangled yet and is pretty compact when folded up (maybe the size of a beach towel folded, although I am sure you could get it smaller). Only time I have had issues was when it came into contact with the frayed aircraft cable ends. I just wrap the cable ends in a handkerchief now.

I paid for 15' x 12', however the thing is at least 17 feet long at the ends. At the middle, it is probably much closer to 15' (in other words, it is not a perfect square, however the smallest length of the netting is what is given in the dimensions). I am not using the maximum height so I am not sure how tall it is exactly, however if you are going to buy one, make sure to buy one that is plenty tall so pucks can't get underneath. I am probably using it as an 8' tall net, so there is plenty of netting just sitting on the ground waiting to catch pucks.
Can you post a picture or two of how your setup looks? I wish I didn't need to hold the bottom down with hooks, as that is where I have broken a few strands now that I have started firing slapshots into it. I actually hung mine with the green strands on the sides, as my net is much wider than it is tall, and without something holding down the bottom, all of my shots were going under the net.

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