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This are the main team sports. As far as interest goes, I'd say that Formula 1, DTM and tennis are between soccer and hockey. Hockey has more spectators than any other sports besides soccer. (It's hard to judge Formula 1 and other car races) The problem is that only very few people actually play hockey. There are so many people who play handball, basketball, volleyball, .... but very few people who play hockey. Germans usually love the sports they're good at (several winter sports, Formula 1, Handball) and unfortunately our hockey team hasn't much success.

Here are the average spectators for each league (1st division)

1st league soccer (1. Bundesliga): 42,490 (18 teams) - all teams above 20,084
2nd league soccer (2. Bundesliga): 15,113 (18 teams) - 12 teams above 10,000
Hockey (DEL): 5,774 (15 teams) - 3 teams above 10,000
Handball (Toyota HBL): 4,543 (18 teams) - 2 teams above 10,000
Basketball (Beko BBL): 3,775 (18 teams) - 1 team above 10,000

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