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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
You're completely wrong.

1.What gives the franchise legitmacy, and most importantly the NHL, are arenas that are full of people, not empty seats.

You are wrong, and one only has to look at the the NBA for the reason why

NHL has, on average, slightly better attendance than the NBA, yet the NBA is still considered a "better", "more prestigious" league. Don't talk to me about the Canadian teams making the average higher because it works both ways, basketball is more of an "american" sport so it should have cities that sell out as much as Canadian hockey cities sell out, but it doesn't. I've seen plenty of empty seat NBA games, but no one cares. Same goes for the MLB. The start of this season has been pitiful, many games had empty seats all over the place, screenshots of nearly completely empty sections.

The reason why is because of the better television deal. Attendance means practically nothing when you've got more people watching the games on television. That's why the Islanders still exist, that's why many NBA teams still exist, that's why many baseball teams still exist.

Attendance is nothing but a minuscule piece of the pie. I'm happy that Winnipeg can sell out their small arena, but that means ABSOLUTELY nothing, because the lost television revenue will make things WORSE for the franchise in the long run.

edit: I guess I should tackled your other weak arguments as well

Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post

2. You and others seem to have this opinion about the U.S as if you guys are stuck in 1990. The U.S economy sucks balls, and Canada has caught-up if not surpassed the U.S in many respects. Resources, a regulated banking industry that did not almost bankrupt the country are a few reasons off the top of my head. There's a reason why Phoenix's owner went bankrupt; there are reasons why investors are not stepping up like they were 15 years ago.

Gdp per caita, real estate valuation, retail sales, employment in Manitoba and Quebec city are nothing like it was 15-20 years ago. Where markets like Phoenix have gone down, these cities have gone up.

3. QC and Win. have suffered the loss of a franchise, and trust me, hockey is more popular all over Canada now than it was 20 years ago (despite the fact that you think it's stagnant, it's not... hard to believe but it's true).Do you not think they are going to embrace them back with more "love" than in the past (when the love in the past was still far more than what exists in most U.S markets today).

2. Canada's economy can get as good as it wants, it will NEVER EVER EVER come close to the USA's economy. That's such a weak argument, I don't know where to start. There are american states that have a much more important economy than all of Canada put together, let alone a hick province such as Manitoba.

3. It doesn't matter if they embrace it with love, the new honeymoon might not last forever, and then what? In 5 years, the city might not support the team like it does the first year the team is back. We'll go back to the last days of the franchise when the team wasn't selling out. And then you lose the ONLY positive thing Winnipeg can offer, the POSSIBILITY of selling out

Really, that is all Winnipeg has. Any american city trumps Winnipeg in every other category than "potential to sell out each game". As stated above, there are more important things for a franchise than just selling out each game.

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