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05-10-2010, 02:12 PM
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Occupation: Undergrad Student at SUNY UB, still undecided if I want to double major Marketing and Finance or Major Marketing and Minor in Legal Studies; Blogger
2nd favorite hockey team: Blue Jackets
Favorite of all time Ranger: Messier
Favorite of all time non Ranger: Rick Nash, he's the first player outside the Rangers organization I really took a liking to.
Most hated of all time team: Devils
Most hated of all time player: Brodeur
2nd favorite sport and team: New York Giants
Favorite music genre: Grunge / Rock
Favorite band/singer: Pearl Jam
Song: Switches all the time, like literally all the time. So, a lot of favorites
Food: If I was on death row and had to get a last meal it would either be an everything bagel with egg salad from Bagel Boss, or, a slice of Pizza from Little Vincent's.

It's my dream to one day be the general manager of the Rangers, but I'll settle for really any role associated with the team

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