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05-10-2010, 04:04 PM
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Age: 23
Occupation: Mechnaical Engineer
2nd favorite hockey team: whoever is playing the Islanders or Devils
Favorite all time Ranger: Adam Graves
Favorite all time non-Ranger: probablly sakic
Most hated team of all time: whole life in NJ, so when push comes to shove its the devils
Most hated player of all time: can i put Hines Ward here?
2nd favorite team and sports: football and the Bengals...WHO DEY!
Favorite music genre: rock/metal/punk/alternative
Favorite Band: Alkaline Trio or Thrice
Favorite Song: right now its The Abolition of Man
Food: TEC on an everything w/SPK....hell yeah

Misc: Just got engaged about a week ago!
Most overrated player of all time: Marty
Highlight of my Ranger life: GF randomlly taking me to a rangers caps game that happened to be the 15 round shootout!
My proudest hockey moment: winning the highschool state championship

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