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09-29-2003, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Starsdude
I question your depth on defense and whether Rolly and manny can duplicate last year and without scoring those 2-1 wins look to me like losses.

Another question why can't Wallin Wanvig or Roche ever make this team

Btw would Erskine and Malhotra be anywhere close for Dupuis. Stars also have picks to spare which could be added. Additionally we have a number of young goalies like Mike Smith, Stephan and Ellis with pro potential
The problem is Lemaire is sold on the veterans and we have too much depth up front to really make room for these players to be added. Wallin is pretty much a forward, he can play any position, which is strange on why he didn't make the cut but I guess there is too many solid forwards in front of him.

Wanvig needs a solid season in the AHL before he can move up. He's been injured too often and they like Stevenson over Wanvig.

But both of them should be regular stays on the club by the end of the year.

Roche is an enigma. I heard mix things about him and maybe one last shot before we send him packing.

Our depth on defense isn't as bad as some people complain (including me and I'll admit that we don't have a lot of shortage of depth).

We have five good defensemen all under 30 years of age:
Brad Brown
Willie Mitchell
Filip Kuba
Andrei Zyuzin
Nick Schultz

Four of them, Mitchell, Kuba, Zyuzin, and Schultz are going to be essential for the future. Mitchell is our physical guy, Kuba and Zyuzin play solid defense but still need to learn, as do everyone else, nothing on these two exactly stand out yet, but Kuba and Zyuzin do have some untap potential that never really blossomed. Kuba needs to use his body more and Zyuzin needs to get his confidence back and to to start being the wicked offensive-defensemen he was drafted as. Schultz is a very steady blueliner that one day might end up QBing our PP. He logs in good time and does everything right, but needs a little bit of work, he's a little rough still but is playing like a 5 year vet.

Now we got:
Chris Heid
Zee Michalek
Jean-Michel Bolduc
Eric Reitz
Chris Dyment
Travis Roche

All in the minors, and three of them look already pretty solid. Heid and Michalek stand out, Bolduc needs to bulk up in size but he had an awesome prospect camp. Reitz, Dyment, and Roche might be journeymen and could wind up on other teams. As for Reitz, I've heard he hits everything in sight, come hell or high water, and clears the net. He is smaller though then most defensmen as 6'0" defensemen.

Now we don't need anymore goalies:
Johan Holmqvist is going to be a backup soon. Manny Fernandez is young.

Josh Harding is our elite netminder, who puts up outstanding numbers.

Kettles, Cloutier might be journeymen goalies that bounce from team to team, filling out rosters.

Brust is a mystery as is Kopriva.

What we do need is finassee wingers that put pucks into nets.