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05-10-2010, 07:21 PM
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I'd have to agree with forearms/wrists. In good leagues, a lot of the time you don't have time for huge wrist shots or slapshots. Often, you have to quickly snap a shot off. In that case, forehand, or backhand, it's really all about the power you generate with your wrist snap. If you're just talking about shooting in practice, where you have all the time in the world, pretty much every muscle in your body will improve your shot. If you're looking to improve "goal scoring" shots, wrists/forearms would be my focus. Being a goal scorer has a lot to do with your release.

This question is pretty misleading, too. Good form and proper weight transfer are, IMO, more important than overall strength. I think every moment spent lifting weights in order to improve your shot, would be better spent on the ice actually shooting.

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