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03-05-2005, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by paxtang
This is the problem with your posts. You exaggerate on players and other peoples positions to support your points. No one said Eager was going to be a MONSTER 3rd liner (what exactly is a monster third liner anyways). My opinion of Eager as a prospect is based off of seeing him play, his skill set, and his potential. Yours is based off his stats in his rookie year, and the bias you carry from that trade. You've been talking trash about Eager even before this season started. Why don't you explain to me why it's so hard to believe that a forward with good size, very good wheels, who is an exceptional body checker and has a heavy shot can't be a good third liner? Because he got limited icetime in his rookie year on a vet laden team? Explain to me what you mean when you say he's "shown you nothing". Is Ruggeri no longer a prospect because he's played in the ECHL this year? In order for Eager to be a solid prospect, was eh supposed to come in this year, start on the first line, and dominate all year long? I've bashed you throughout this because you've yet to back up your position at all, besides with emoticons.
I have seen this guy play. I have said it a 100 time. I saw him twice last year in the playoff and about 5 or 6 times this year. I don't see all these skills you talk about. The comment about "Monster 3rd liner" come from the fact that last year, after the trade, 1/2 on the people on this borad were ready to dub this guy the next John Leclair. I did my homework on this guy and I did not see it. If you recall, when this guy was drafted by PHX a lot of people thought PHX drafted him way too high. I agreed with that and have been bashing Eager well before the trade. In addition, Last year I worked with the son of a Sports writer for the inky and he said that this guy would be a borderline AHL/NHL player. So, please maby if you read more of my posts, you'll see that I have supported my opinion about this guy on several occasions.

P.S. What the deal with the emoticons? I think their funny.

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