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05-10-2010, 08:34 PM
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Originally Posted by DIEHARD the King fan View Post
Yes, Cammy's agent did ask for 6MM as an opening offer. [source: DL, private STH meeting which I and Jr attended]

But, DL also knew that Cammy as the NHLPA was trying to use the Vanek 7MM for 7 yrs offer sheet to pull up league wide the salaries of players like himself.

DL lowballed him in response.

That is all business. Fine. GM's make business deccisions all the time.

BUT DL went far further and basically called him a POS. (see my quote on the previous page . . . "he's not a surfer, etc") That was DL's quote , not my analogy. He called him the other stuff that floats in the water. If thats not personal, I have no idea whatever could be.

All I know is that a guy who scores 39 in one season, who scores 26 in 65 games the next, who scores 11 goals in the playoffs through 13 games, to lead the league can FLAT OUT PLAY. He's the kind of one dimensional stuff that just floats around that our team doesnt curently possess but sure could have used.

DL is not perfect and he screwed the pooch on the Cammy situation. Never let it be said that DL doesnt't take it (business) personally, as I have maintained since June of '08 when I learned of reasons to know.

No one can say Cammy never would have done what he has done with the Kings because we never got to the playoffs for him to show it. So when DL resorts to those types of arguments, see I them for what they are baseless specualtion that some on this board want to believe becasue they have unconditionally attached their hopes and dreams for the KINGS to DL. Others have had to. While I am impressed by the development, we haven't won squat yet.

But we did jettison a real player for, at best, a number 5-6 defenseman who wont make an impact for at least 3-4 years, if ever.
I had forgotten about the personal comment. Also unfortunately part of business. Do you remember how upset you and I were when the trade was made? I do. The only thing that helped sooth the anger was Cammy's own comment - something akin to always wanting to play in Canada and now he gets to do it. That was kind of a **** you as well.

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