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05-10-2010, 09:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Hrad View Post
Interesting problem.

I'm mostly an ice hockey player, but I recently engaged in a legit ball hockey game where I was making some of the most crisp and beautiful passes ever using one of those orange balls.

Contrary to the rest of the people, I'm going to suggest a very long follow through...not up in the air though...just on the ground. I would just act as if I was taking a wrist shot, pull the ball from really far back, and just "swing" it to who I wanted to pass to. I don't really know, but it worked great. Just practice keeping the ball low...Simply don't lift it?
I did it with a Drury, which is a wedge, so you can really do it with any curve, but I would also suggest a PM9/Forsberg.
hmm ill give your technique a try.

or probably I should be more selfish and not bother passing

i kid... nobody likes the guy who tries to do everything himself

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