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05-11-2010, 08:17 AM
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I will of course support our side, but given the garbage team we have this year (around 25 NHLers called in "tired after the season" "family reasons" or whatever else ridiculous excuse stops them for coming to represent their native country) I think we're in for another part of "2010 Upset Story". Jágr, Voráček, Rolinek and Vokoun are the only "legit" WorldChamps national team players, guys like Blaťák, Červenka, Pavelec, Marek, Hubáček, Rachůnek and Čáslava are borderline and the rest is plain garbage that would have hard time to get the nomination on our today's opponent's side. Bunch of Extraliga busts and NHL dropouts. This team is not going to get a medal of any color, those aren't even legit contenders. This roster is ridiculous when compared to Russians or Canadians and I only pray we manage to save face by surviving over the "weaker" opposition such as Norway and don't get humiliated too bad by Swedes, Russians or Canadians.

But nothing ever changes and our bonehead newsmen keep rolling their articles about will we get medals this year? so so so very stupid.

Norwegians will play with no real pressing need, their victory over France and advance seems certain and they can just have fun cooking up some hot soup for another favorite to choke on (Oh boy and do we love to choke). They're a hungry young team with great fitness and stamina, they can skate more than well, have some neat skills and they can make us very sorry for any mistake we might (and will) make. I'd take any victory over Norway at this point, but the smell of the upset in the air is so intense it's nearly palpable.

No trust in this national team of ours whatsoever. Will cheer for them anyway, for blood is thicker than water. But it feels like cheering for a three legged horse that once was a great champion.

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