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Originally Posted by Swipes View Post
I have to agree with you, I don't believe in them either. But I think what annoys me and most fans more than anything else, is this persistance of Roman Cervenka with Jagr. We've seen already that it doesn't work, and in my opinion Cervenka is certainly not playing well enough so far to be worthy of playing in line 1. Worst of all, he's probably going to continue to stay there and just get 'drowned' in the line. There is certainly a lot of pressure on him to play very well every game, but I don't think that leaving him there and hoping he 'clicks' is the solution.
Agree with you spot on. Červenka on this national team (given the options we had) for sure. Červenka on the first line with Jágr? Certainly not. But that has always been problem with Jágr. Everybody s**t their pants when they should play with him and keep passing him the puck 24/7 which eventually ends up our opponents contain easily the whole line by double-teaming Jágr.

Only those like Havlát played very well with Jágr. It might sound strange, but Jágr needs another skilled puck hog next to him. Another guy who is able to carry the puck and deke and score when the opponent opens up their defense through paying too much attention to Jágr.

We all saw it the first match. Hubáček was by the circle and he passed the puck back again on Jágr who was in the corner and being marked OMG!! HE PASSED THE PUCK FROM CIRCLE BACK TO THE CORNER!! We did not lose the puck only through Jágrs phenomenal ability to play with an opponent glued to him and the goal was a pure and ridiculous luck.

Go Jágr, take the puck, I don't want it, you're the famous guy, do something with it, do the miracle. OMG, I'd puke.

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