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05-11-2010, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
So you, like Montreal fans, are taking something that many people are playing up as incredible for the sheer fact that it is rare to see a goalie alone upset at least one team and come close to (if not possibly taking down) another and calling it a regular occurrence.
It's a lot more regular than you seem to think. Hell Lundqvist almost took out the Caps last year on his own.

It's incredible because it doesn't happen often. That's why so many people are hyping up Halak's play, and rightfully so.

Still, you probably couldn't count the amount of times elite goaltending has fallen in the first round to a better team. Then some hot, young goalie absolutely turns the world upside down, and suddenly it takes an elite goalie to win a Stanley Cup.

Your point is baseless.
We'll ignore that poor goaltending COST the Caps a chance at the Cup last year.

Of the last 20 Cups:

3 won by Brodeur
3 won by Roy
1 won by Hasek
1 won by Belfour

Then you have some guys right on the edge, like JSG (who both won and took the Ducks to the cup finals--and was a ****ing Greek God in the playoffs when he got 'em to the Devs).

That's 8 of 20 won by guys who were clearly "elite" at the time their team pulled it off. This is without getting into the number of elite goalies that got their teams to the Stanley Cup finals.

Flames with Kipper, Devs with Brodeur, Buffalo with Hasek (btw, that's a guy that did it multiple times), etc.

It is actually quite regular that a hot goalie carries a team through a playoff round or two, and quite often it's an established guy.

If it was truly a random thing in a small sample size tournament, then it wouldn't so consistently play out that goaltending takes you further than any other one position.

So, the reality is that your "elite goalies don't matter" mantra remains ostrich-like.

Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Even though I would like an elite goaltender....

The Devils arent laughing right now, the Rangers arent laughing right now, and the Canucks arent laughing now either
The Devils have 3 Cups from that elite goalie, who is now getting up there in years and it has consistently showed in the playoffs after they ride him into the ground during the regular season.

The Rangers are a terrible team that almost made the playoffs purely because of their goalie.

Canucks are going to Game 6 against one of the best two teams in the league...not sure why you're picking on Luongo.

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